A Mile in My Shoes…What Teachers REALLY Do Over the Summer

Whoever said that teachers do not work twelve months a year needs to come walk a mile in our shoes. What a loaded question! What are my plans to prepare for the upcoming school year? I have to say, I am happy that I introduce Whole Brain Teaching to my class at the end of this past school year so I have a few things already prepared. Now I can start on the millions of other things that I would like to get done. A few of the things that I would like to complete are writing my entries for the book talk on Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids, creating Power Pix, preparing lessons using the WBT 5-Step Lesson Plan and most of all gathering my points together so that I am ready to start working on my exemplary video when school starts back.

My first focus for the summer is to complete all assigned book talk entries. I feel that the more I read about WBT and the more I analyze my teaching, the better prepared I will be to start the year off on the WBT foot. Already having a taste of the rules and with some experience with the 5-Step Lesson Plan, I am confident that going through the book will help me create that exemplary video.

My second focus will be on creating Power Pix that are specific to the Virginia SOLs; that would be Standards of Learning, not what might come to mind. Virginia has put a lot of time and money into developing the SOLs, so I do not foresee the state going Common Core any time soon. I am also getting new administration, so hopefully, I will find out next week if I will be self-contained or team teaching which will determine how much time I will have to put into this project.

Once I find out exactly what I will be teaching, I can begin working on my third goal – writing lesson plans. This is my third year in 4th grade so I have a good grasp on the curriculum and know exactly where the focus needs to be in each subject area. These 5-step plans will have to be in addition to the required plans, but if I do them now, it should make the required plans a little easier. Having them electronically will ensure that I will have them forever.

My last goal is to submit my certification points to Nancy. I have collected well over 500 points, and should be to 700 points soon. I want to be ready to start working on my exemplary video when school starts.

I will have a very busy summer between book talking, power pixing, lesson planning and documenting. Somehow I am going to find time to go back to Louisiana, relax a little, and just be a mom. That will also help me prepare for the school year as well. So all those critics out there, I have a nice pair of shoes you can borrow.


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