On Vacation to Teacher Heaven

Today began my vacation….my vacation to teacher heaven.  A week into Whole Brain teaching and I figured I was ready for a vacation that actually turn into a stay-cation —-a stay-cation to teacher heaven and I didn’t have to pack, hit an ATM, or even make reservations.  My students have so bought into the Whole Brain way of thinking, that they are reminding me when I do something “wrong.”  Trying to make something a habit takes 28 times or 20 days, so like any new thing it just takes practice and persistence.  That is what I am doing, practicing and persisting.

Today I continued with the Genius Ladder for writing and got some of the funniest paragraph about a frowning queen.  It is amazing how diverse the reasons were that caused her to frown.  Wow, as much as I love teaching writing, editing and revising basically a class set of the same paper can get, can I say it, BORING.  Well, my students’ writing are far from boring now.  I can’t wait to sit down and read their papers.  Knowing that they have written their papers with voices prior to writing them with a pencils, makes the editing and revising process so much easier.  When ideas are put down on paper in complete thoughts, editing can be more focused on mechanics and not so much on deciphering a bunch of words that are attempting to be a story.  It is music to my ears to see a half page of writing and hearing the kids beg for more time to write.  They can keep on singing that sweet song all day everyday.

Today also brought my class on a field trip to Whole Brain College and the introduction of Coach B.  Making inferences is an area that my students have consistently struggled with on benchmark tests.  I was excited to introduce Coach B and have him help me teach inferences.  They whole idea of Whole Brain College was also super exciting to the students as well.  We did not have time to get very far into the presentation today, so I asked the students if they wanted to continue to go to Whole Brain College tomorrow.  A collective “YES” echoed throughout the room.  I finally found the opportunity I had been waiting for….I got the kids to beg.  It was obvious by the pleading that they want to continue to go to Brain College tomorrow. 

I cannot wait to get back to school tomorrow and continue as always and teach my students the way I would want my own kids taught.


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  1. Great post! So glad you have found WBT…it can really transform your classroom, and bring energy back into your classroom! I am excited to follow your journey!

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