Whole Brain = Whole Lot of Fun

Wow!!! Introducing Whole Brain Learning to my 4th graders turned out to be fun for both them and for me.  I enjoyed watching them get excited to turn and teach a concept to their partners.  I enjoyed them asking me if we could go through the rules again.  I enjoyed watching as a student correct a behavior when a rule was chanted in class.  I enjoyed seeing the excitement in their eyes when they beat their time in Super Speed Math.  I enjoyed hearing and seeing all the dramatic reading that occurred with just a little practice.  So basically, this made me ENJOY my day.  This is what teaching is all about.  This gives me the energy to keep going. 

As always, I will continue to enjoy teaching my kids as I would want my own children taught.


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  1. It is fun for both students AND teachers! I love watching my students interacting so positively with each other and the excitement in their little faces when they earn a point and get to do a quick ten-finger Woo! Your students are lucky to have such a wonderful, exciting teacher!

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